BBC Parenting Tips

Schedules & Routines

Donna Pangburn, owner and founder of Pathways to Parenting, in South Bend, Indiana, offers help for parents and children of all ages and stages.

According to Pangburn, it is essential to establish schedules and routines with your kids. There is a distinct difference between routines and schedules, especially in parenting.

Routines remove uncertainty, and create a stable environment for children, as well as laying the foundation for long-lasting and healthy habits. Routines are known as HOW things need to happen. An example would be when your child comes home from daycare or school. First, they hang up their coat and put away their book bag. After that, they can select a toy and have some playtime.

Schedules focus on when things NEED to happen, such as keeping your child on a consistent sleep schedule, even on days they do not go to daycare.  Schedules keep children on track, and teach them expectations, for themselves and others.

Donna Pangburn will be offering parenting classes this coming Fall at Bright Beginnings Childcare. We will make sure to let you know exact dates, and of course, we will be offering childcare during that time!