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We are delighted to introduce our first monthly newsletter to you. Bright Beginnings Childcare wants the very best for your child, and through this new communication piece, we can offer you a more in-depth look into our culture, and introduce you to our staff, offer best practices, tips and techniques on a positive parenting experience, along with what we are doing to inspire and help your child grow and thrive.  

Thank you for being part of the Bright Beginnings Childcare family! 

Meet Bright Beginning’s Airika Nicoloni! 

Your child’s day at Bright Beginnings starts with their teachers. We want you to get to know us! 

Meet Airika Nicolini!  

She is the three-year-old class teacher at Bright Beginnings.

Ms. Airika has been part of the Bright Beginnings Child Care team for eight wonderful months. 

According to Ms. Airkia, her favorite part of her job at Bright Beginnings is definitely working with the children and seeing how they solve problems, how they interact with other kids, and their reactions when they are exposed to new things. 

“I want the parents of Bright Beginnings children to know that we are a family,” says Airika. “Even though the teachers may be teaching a specific age group, we all make it a point to get to know and care for the children in other classes, and just as important for them to get to know us.” 

Ms. Airkia’s favorite color is PINK

If she weren’t a pre-school teacher, she would be a family and child therapist. She loves working with children and their families. 


Bright Beginning’s Parenting Tips

Donna Pangburn, owner and founder of Pathways to Parenting, in South Bend, Indiana, offers help for parents and children of all ages and stages. 

According to Pangburn, it is essential to establish schedules and routines with your kids. There is a distinct difference between schedules and routines, especially in parenting. 

Routines remove uncertainty, and create a stable environment for children, as well as laying the foundation for them to create long-lasting and healthy habits. Routines can be best defined as HOW things need to happen. An example would be when your child comes home from daycare or school, first they hang up their coat and put away their book bag, after that is done they can choose a toy that they want to play with.

Schedules focus on when things NEED to happen, such as keeping your child on a consistent sleep schedule, even on days they do not go to daycare.  



Bright Beginning’s Themes

Each month we have several themes that we incorporate into our curriculum. These themes are focused on giving your child (ren) the best tools and skills to use throughout their life.  

July’s themes are _________ and ____________.  We will practice __________ and MORE DETAIL HERE.