Basic summary of fees: 
Infants: $200 per week
Toddlers: $180.00 per week
Pre-School: $ 155.00 per week
After school care is based on number of hours needed
Care after 6pm : +$20.00 per week
Part time care is available.
Transportation services to and from school is available. 
Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Please inquire with site director. 
Three unique family scenarios: 
Busy Betsy
3 children ages 10 months, 4 years old and 6 (after school care), need transportation and care for 3hrs each day )= $395 week plus the older 2 kids participate in a complementary Zumba class and piano lessons in the afternoon.  They are in care with us from 7am- 5pm each day and receive 4 meals. Mom never has to bring diapers, wipes or bibs.
New Mom Megan
2 kids ages 3 months and 2 yrs  (not toilet trained) = $340 week.  All diapers wipes, and meals  are provided and the 2yr old is in “toddler tumble time” twice per week.
Big Family Franny
4 school ager children who only come into our care after school 3pm- 7pm daily. The children are bussed from Kennedy. Total weekly fee is $105 for each child.  They all receive tutoring and take Gymnastics at our center after school.