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At Bright Beginnings, we realize the attachment and bond you have with your child and how it can be very difficult for you and the child to leave them with strangers. We invite you to schedule a meeting with our management staff or your child(rens) teacher(s). Due to covid, parents are not allowed past our lobby doors but we’re more than welcome to schedule a safe time to meet with you. 

When dropping off and picking up, feel free to ask to speak with your child(rens) teacher(s).

We are never too busy to answer any questions or lend a hand or an ear to your concerns and or suggestions. We consider ourselves partners with each family in creating the best environment for each child.

We are honored and blessed that you have chosen and entrusted us to take care of your most precious gift. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Every child needs Bright Beginnings. WELCOME!

Bright Beginnings Childcare
Please bring on the first day of care … or before!
• Signed Parent Packet (1 per family) {Download Parent Packet Here}
• Physical form
• Shot records
• Birth Certificate
• Change of clothes
• Formula/ bottle (Parents will need to bring in pre-made formula bottles)
• Family photo!
Please do not bring a diaper bag.

Tell us a little bit about what you're looking for and we'll be happy to assist you.

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