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Pre-K (Preschool) Child Care

Your preschooler is getting ready to enter a long, exciting journey in education. Bright Beginnings Family Childcare prepares pre-k children for life in the Kindergarten classroom while encouraging their curiosity, love of fun, and desire to move and play. 

Bright Beginnings Family Childcare is an in-demand child care program in South Bend, Indiana following level 3 Paths to QUALITY™ standards. 

Who: Potty trained four-year-olds. 

When: Mon. – Fri. 5:30am – 8:30pm

Where: 1818 S. Main St. South Bend IN. 46613

Telephone: (574) 855-1604

Small Class Sizes, Personal Learning Environment 

Our Pre-K room has a 10:2 student-teacher ratio.

teacher working with pre-k student
pre-k building

Preschool Learning Objectives 

The classroom color for our preschool room is purple symbolizing stability, ambition, independence, and power. The curriculum in our Preschool classroom is designed to build upon each child’s literacy, cognitive, physical, and creative skill sets. 

Bright Beginnings’ Preschool Curriculum Develops …

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication and listening 
  • Kindergarten classroom prep 
  • Counting 
  • Letter and number recognition 
  • Imagination and creative development 
  • Physical activity and motor skills  


Where Kids Learn, Play, and MOVE! 

One of the great features of our building is our GYM!  We believe keeping children active throughout the day helps them focus and limits unwanted behaviors.  In rain, snow, sleet, and heat, Bright Beginnings’ Kids always have a weather-proof place to play. 

Activities that Keep Kids Moving (All Included in Tuition) 

  • Outdoor playground 
  • On-site gym 
  • Bikes 
  • Hoola hoops 
  • Dance parties 
  • Gymnastics (weekly, preschool only)
  • Martial Arts (weekly, preschool only)


pre-k gymnastics
pre-k craft

Preschool Child Care Program FAQs

Is Bright Beginnings a certified child care center?

We are a registered Ministry.  Because BBC is enrolled in Paths to QUALITY™

and meet the level #3 standards, we follow the same quality guidelines that centers on the program do.  Paths to Quality level 3 standards include Learning Environments, Health and Safety, and Planned Curriculum standards.

Is my child eligible to join the preschool child care program?

In our program, pre-k starts when the child is four-years-old and potty trained.

When is child care offered? Is it year round?

Our school offers care all year round and does not follow a traditional school schedule.  Meaning, we do not close when local schools close. We take about 10 days off each year for major holidays so we can provide care when parents need it most. 

How much does the preschool child care program cost?

Pre-k tuition is $175 per week. You can pay weekly or pay some weeks in advance – whatever is best and most convenient for you! 

How can I afford child care?

Child care is a big investment but an important one.  There is state funding for families who need assistance with the cost of childcare, preschool and school-aged care. Our team is very familiar with the process and can help you apply and guide you through that process if you qualify.  Bright Beginnings is also certified with  On My Way Pre-K, which provides funding to 4th and 5th graders seeking pre-k enrollment. 

How is Bright Beginnings operating during COVID?

We are following state and local protocol.  All student temps are checked at the door, no parents or unnecessary visitors are allowed in the building during operating hours, in-person tours are done after hours as well, and we focus on cleaning and disinfecting each day.

What's the difference between daycare and preschool?

Preschool combines a consistent routine and a positive and engaging learning environment that focuses on a child’s brain development.  Daycare is typically thought to only be a safe place for children to be while their parents are working.  Our program is both. We are Level 3 Paths to Quality, meaning we provide a high level of care and education but we also keep the busy parent in mind and offer extended hours, care for all ages, and extras to accommodate the modern family!