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Programs Overview

Our focus at Bright Beginnings Childcare is to enrich the lives of our families. We want to be an extension of the same love and care that you offer your child at home. At our Bright Beginnings Family Childcare facility, we utilize our additional flex space by offering structured after school activities such as martial arts and tumble time gymnastic classes for children.

Our Classrooms

Each classroom at BBC Family Childcare Center focuses on the natural development of your growing child. Listed below is a list of our classrooms and the milestones our caregivers will focus on developing.

Infant Childcare


The classroom color for our infant room is blue symbolizing trust, communication, and calmness. Our nurturing caregivers are handpicked for their natural ability to care for young infants and their passion for this age group. Our primary focus in the BBC  nursery is to provide a lot of love, trust, and attention (cuddle time). We understand that every baby has their own unique schedule and our experienced staff is trained to respond to these needs quickly and efficiently. We also understand that the transition from being a totally dependent newborn to becoming an active and responsive infant happens very quickly. We provide educational toys & activities to help stimulate the natural developmental process of your growing baby.

One Year Olds Childcare


The classroom color for our one-year-old room is orange symbolizing adventure and youthfulness. Our one-year-old classroom will offer activities that will cater to this exploring age group. BBC caregivers will provide an equal balance of individual attention and group experiences to drive learning. Our toddler classrooms will promote cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language development with a milestone-based curriculum. We give our toddler’s plenty of opportunities to investigate, explore, and play in a safe, secure, yet stimulating environment. We will work on developing each child’s skills such as walking, responding to their name, drinking from a cup, eating from a spoon, and holding writing utensils.

Two Years Olds Childcare


The classroom color for our two-year-olds is yellow symbolizing, happiness, intellect, and energy. There’s nothing terrible about Twos – they’re just beginning to test their independence. Our experienced caregivers are trained to be attentive to each child’s individual needs. Preparation for Preschool starts in our two-year-old classroom. We will work on skills such as following instructions, writing and spelling their name, conflict resolution, patients, sharing, and recognizing shapes, colors, and patterns. At BBC we acknowledge that all children grow and learn at their own pace, and in their own unique way. Learning experiences are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child, in each classroom.

Three Year Olds Childcare


The classroom color for our three-year-olds is green symbolizing nature, growth, and harmony. As an Early Preschooler, your child is transitioning from a toddler to a preschool student. This classroom will help develop writing, grammar, and social skills preparing them for the classroom. Chatting with friends and working within small groups will increase their verbal and social skills while solving shape puzzles will strengthen their problem-solving skills. We will also nurture each child’s creativity with drawing and painting activities. Our focus at this age group is also developing safety skills such as learning how to cross the street and talking to strangers. In our three-year-old classroom, we will also help children develop skills such as working with buttons, zippers, tying their shoes, and hygiene.

Pre-Kindergarten Childcare


The classroom color for our pre-school room is purple symbolizing stability, ambition, independence, and power. The curriculum in our Preschool classroom is designed to build upon each child’s literacy and cognitive skill sets. We will continue to focus on problem-solving, responsive listening, language usage, and social skills in preparation for a Kindergarten classroom environment. Lessons are also designed to stimulate imagination and creativity. We will continue to work on counting, and letters and number recognition. This age group will also participate in plenty of outdoor playground time to develop climbing, sliding, and jumping motor skills. Learn more.

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